Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry is a versatile, precise and gentle treatment option in our dental practice.  Lasers can be used to improve your periodontal health and enhance your smile. These procedures are less invasive than traditional methods,  which means less discomfort and quicker healing.

Digital Xrays
Modern digital xrays provide highly accurate and specific diagnostic information. Their many advantages include: virtually immediate results, expanded diagnostic options, decreased patient radiation, increased patient comfort and a more environmentally friendly profile.  

Electronic Caries Detection
The Spectra system provides a colour map to show the dentist and patient the extent and severity of cavities enabling us to provide you with the best minimally invasive treatment.
This allows Dr Freedman and Dr Goldstep to track the overall health of your teeth and acts as a guide to monitor the effectiveness of re-mineralization treatments.

Cancer Screening
Risk factors for oral cancer include: tobacco use, frequent alcohol consumption and compromised immune systems (among many others).  
Early-stage oral cancers are typically painless and asymptomatic; thus, all adult patients should be screened regularly.  
DOE (Dentlight Oral Exam) System helps our dentists and hygienists identify abnormal tissues that may otherwise escape detection.  The DOE makes the potentially life-saving examination pleasant and fast.

Electronic Shade matching
The  VITA Easyshade   is a  fast and easy way to accurately measure tooth colour. We can measure natural teeth, check crown and filling shades and track bleaching progress with the push of a button.  This is one of our many tools that ensures your best esthetic result.

Photodynamic  Periodontal Treatment
Periowave is a painless, non-invasive photodisinfection procedure that can significantly improve treatment outcomes when combined with dental cleanings. Periowave eliminates many of the harmful bacteria and toxins associated with periodontal disease. It is a non-antibiotic therapy that rapidly destroys oral pathogens without pain, heat, or surgery.